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Meet Sarinthip from Doumdims Dolls

I was born and raised in Thailand. My mother was a dressmaker and I was soon following suit, making dresses for my dolls, and then rag dolls of my own, cutting up my bed sheets to do so.  I also love drawing as a child and, when I had to choose a career, influenced my decision to train as an architect and master degree.  

But that proved to be not for me.

I came to England, married my husband Graeme, helping him in his hotel business whilst continuing to develop my crafting skills.  In 2017 I decided, I should have the chance to realise my dream: to become a doll maker.  Graeme set up a wine bar in Dartmouth and I began creating my hand made dolls.  Both businesses are in their infancy, but we are determined to make them work and have made some wonderful new friends and good home for a daughter Lilly.   We are full of hope for the future.  

What inspired you to become a doll maker?

I have always loved dolls, and all toys. I spent a lot of time with them since I can remember and made my 2 rag dolls when I was only 9 years old. 

What is your favourite part about being a doll maker? 

 My favourite part about being a doll maker is making the doll and repairing broken dolls. 


How long does one of your dolls take to make?

My dolls are different sizes. Patterns can take me all day to make and one or 2 weeks to finish. 

What is the most challenging part about being a doll maker? 

When I make a doll I like to make them completely different, I keep changing the pattern. When I do a repair I always study the type of doll, to make it sure it is back to what it should be. 


What are some of the most popular dolls you've made?

I make fabric dolls, with a painted face, sewn on yarn hair, and design their clothes - they are completely handmade and a one off.

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