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Sussex Toy Craft

Sustainability and the opportunity to recycle is seized by Iain at every possible turn. All of Iain’s toys are happy toys! They have all had a previous life but will love your children even more for giving them a second chance.


Working primarily from his home workshop, Iain displays his wonderful handcrafted wooden toys at The Craft Barn on the beautiful Bentley Estate in East Sussex. Every toy is made with oodles of TLC.


Apart from his regular happy family of popular toys, Iain relishes a challenge and welcomes commissions. If you have a special toy in mind or would like a truly unique model of an item or form of transport that is dear to your heart, please do not hesitate to contact Iain. His personal attention awaits you!

Tel: 01825 750611

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Sussex Toy Craft

Briar Rose Bears

Briar Rose Bears are created by internationally featured bear artist and designer Poppy Atkinson, based in Cumbria, England. All bears are hand designed and crafted from scratch, using a variety of fabrics such as mohair, alpaca and faux fur. Poppy also enjoys creating a variety of animals and using her own hand dyed fabrics.


Each bear is a one of a kind limited piece made in a traditional way with glass eyes and cotter pins joints, making them collectable bears suitable for teenagers and adults.

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Briar Rose Bears
Screen Shot 2021-04-04 at 16.42.08.png

Croglin's Toys

I have always needed to be making things, as time has gone on these get more elaborate. The toys are the commercial side of this necessity. There are many of the earlier toys in the range ( I started in 1981) ,now it also includes items that are only possible with modern computer controlled tools, and many in between: I make small and large arks using David Plagersons animals. Spinning tops with instructions. Colourful moving hanging discs. Oak baby walkers and chairs. There is also a sophisticated sculpture set, a balancing set of 5 dolphins in UK hardwoods and more. Please see the web site for pictures and descriptions.

Tel: 01768 896405

Croglin's Toys

David Plagerson
Noah's Arks

I trained as a painter at Camberwell School of Art. My initial inspiration came from the collection of European folk toys in the Bethnal Green Museum of Childhood where I took my recently arrived Bangladeshi students. They and I responded to the simplicity of design, strength of colour and fluidity of brushstroke decoration. I became particularly interested in the Noah\'s Ark sets reinforcing my love of hand-held objects and collections that can be arranged as a tableau.

Tel: 01803 866786

David Plagerson
Shirley Emmrso Ceramcs

Shirley Emmerson Ceramics

I predominantly make surreal, animal headed dolls with porcelain, vintage textiles, paper and found objects. I start most dolls with a stuffed Calico core for strength and durability. I use old silk, wool and cotton to layer up a patchwork of cloth and stitch to create an interesting surface, inspired by my environment and the impact of passing time. The frayed edges are a deliberate and integral part of the surface. Old toys, particularly dolls and soft toys intrigue me. Rips, tears and scuffs are evidence of the long years of love and attention lavished upon them. Each one of my dolls is unique and many take as long as a week to complete. When you invest in one you can be secure in knowing it is one of a kind.

Tel: +44 7988 608375


Wendover Wood

Welcome to Wendover Wood! If you have a love of all things wooden then you have come to the right place. It is this love of wood that has led us to setup this small business based in Wendover, Buckinghamshire. We are a two man team that operates out of two garden workshops nestled between our own allotment and beautiful garden. We design and make our own range of handmade wooden animal ornaments, toys and puzzles. We also repair toys. We combine the use of old fashioned techniques and modern equipment to created beautiful gifts for all ages. We are on Facebook, Etsy and Not on the High Street, click on the links below or visit our website.

Tel: 01296 623869

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Wendover Wood
Little-Toy-Dog-Co-21-9d435.4.171778 1.jpg

The Little Toy Dog Company

Little Toy Dogs are fine quality, heirloom toys, designed by artist and illustrator Alice Wood and made by hand in her London studio. Original patterns are created from Alice's drawings and the dogs are sewn in mohair fur, wool felt and other fabrics. Each one has cotter pin jointed legs, glass eyes, and hand dyed and embroidered details which make every dog unique. They also have their own accessories: coats, collars, rosettes and scarves. They are highly characterful small textile sculptures, intended for older children and collectors. Alice trained in pattern cutting before studying BA Illustration at Camberwell School of Art and MA Children's Book Illustration at Cambridge School of Art.

Toy Dog Company


Our toys are hand crafted using only natural materials such as leather and wood. We have travelled the world to festivals selling our toys. Countries visited include: Lofton Islands, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Poland, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Faeroe Islands, United Kingdom Our reputation is second to none and we are known and respected by many in the Viking community. We teach children attending the events about the Viking tradition. They play for hours with our non technical toys, much healthier than alone with a computer game.


Taganau Tegid Toys

I am a Toymaker based in North Wales , I pride myself on using locally sourced hard woods , all our toys are cut on a scrollsaw and are hand painted by myself using non - toxic paints. I also take on commissions and do a Wooden Toy repair service.

Tel: 07815 784728

Taganau Tegid


Hello, I’m Elaine Hirst, the name behind ‘edenbears’, located by the seaside, on the west coast of Lancashire, England.  


With a passion for sewing, and a deep love of old teddy bears, I turned my hand to designing my own bears back in 2007.

Inspired by the earliest bears, my designs possess the various ubiquitous features such as hump backs, long arms and drumstick legs.

Enjoying the therapeutic qualities of hand sewing, I design, then craft each bear completely by hand (bar accessories or clothing). They are crafted with love, care and attention to detail to ensure longevity.


All ‘edenbears’ are 100% my own designs, I draw each one from scratch, experimenting with various refinements to shapes and proportions along the way making each bear One Of A Kind (OOAK).


I use only the finest quality materials and fillings, plus a little steel shot to add a lovely tactile weight.

Five-way jointed with disks and cotter pins, the bears have glass eyes and often a little hand shading around the features to add depth.

They are accessorised with either bows, ruffs, bells, collars, or, occasionally an item of clothing, depending on what each finished bear calls for, or if I have a theme in mind for a particular bear.  Each one comes with their own swing tag bearing their name, and my sewn-in ‘edenbears’ label at the back.


Thank you for reading this snapshot of information about my bears, I hope one day you might find one loveable enough to adopt as your own.


Created with the adult / heirloom collector in mind, due to the methods and components used, please be aware the bears are not intended for children under 14 years.

Tel: 07761211696


Eden Bears

Polly had a Dolly

Using pure natural materials, heritage craft skills and simple designs my dolls appeal to all the senses and inspire open-ended play. I love to design and make treasured, high quality dolls which will last for a lifetime of play. My dolls draw on Steiner philosophy which is used in Waldorf eduction. They have deliberately simple facial expressions to stimulate the creativity within your child, helping them to portray their feelings and emotions on to their doll and allowing them to engage in a deeper lever of play. My open eyed dolls are ideal for a daytime play companion and sleepy eyed dolls are perfect for bedtime as (according to sleep experts) they are more relaxing for your child. Of all the natural materials I use in my doll making, the British lambswool stuffing is the most important. It is the best filling for dolls as it absorbs your child's body heat making it super comforting; it has a density and weight which is reassuring; and, practically it is naturally antibacterial, eco friendly and fire-retardant. I provide full washing and care instructions with all my dolls. I care passionately about our the environment so I try to use natural materials and make dolls that will last. Each dolly comes with a dolly hospital pass where I will repair your dolly for its lifetime. All my dolls are CE marked and safe for children.

Tel: 07980576953

Polly had a Dolly

Love Heartwood

Love Heartwood makes wooden toys and homeware for eco conscious families. Each one is handmade by designer and woodturner Liz Pearson in harmony with nature. Each purchase supports British tree planting projects.

All Love Heartwood toys are:

• handmade from local, sustainably sourced native hardwoods

• finished using plant-based, vegan friendly wood stains and sealant

• personalisable and customisable

• presented and shipped in 100% plastic free, recycled & recyclable packaging

Liz also takes commissions and offers beginner’s woodturning sessions and a wooden toy repair service.

Tel: 07897 998586

Love Hartwood

Robert Race

I have been a full time maker for over thirty years and my work has covered a wide range, from dolls’ houses and moving toys for children and adults to automata, kinetic sculpture and exhibition design. I try to make things which move in simple but interesting ways: Traditional moving toys have influenced me strongly, and I have travelled in Europe, Indonesia, Mexico, India and Japan in search of them. My work incorporates a wide range of natural, reused and recycled materials. Recently they include driftwood, which I like using firstly because collecting it involves business trips to the seaside, and secondly because its previous uses often still haunt it, and its time at sea builds its character.

Tel: 01225 863724

Robert Race
Muttley 1 (1)-01.jpg

the Toymaker

My name is Mark Uttley and I trade as Muttley the Toymaker. I have been making toys for the last 28 years. Toymaking by my own definition is a license to exaggerate the silliness and quirkiness of life which appeals to everyone who is child at heart. I work in toys because I love the fun, the colour and the movement it gives. My influences are many and varied from everyday events to nursery rhymes, in fact anything with humour in it. I work principally in wood but will use a variety of other materials, such as glass beads, wire and easily worked metals. I especially enjoy making automata which provide a magical event to the turner of the handle.

Tel: 01785 600732



John Alden, cooper on the Mayflower in 1621, maker of toys and automata in Sussex in 2020. My varied artistic career has included miniature painter, cartoonist, antique dealer, dolls house restorer and maker of dolls house furnishings. I worked with the Singing Tree from the early 1970's and then discovered automata at West Dean college in 2005. Tutored by Robert Race and inspired by the toys of Yootha Rose, both past chairs of BTG I try to bring originality to my creations.

Tel: 07731 500630

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Dr Zigs

Dr Zigs Giant Bubbles are environmentally conscious and ethically sound. A full six years of research have gone into every bubble! Our bubbles are perfect for making friends, having fun, and building confidence. Dr Zigs giant bubbles and kits are helping to change the world one bubble at a time.

Tel: 01248 511395

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Dr Zigs

D B Crafts

I live in Exeter and I have been making toys for over 20 years. Like my father who was always making toys for myself and my three brothers, I was interested in carrying on the tradition. My aim is to keep the art of traditional toy making alive. All my toys are made to British toymakers safety standards. I have recently produced items for local churches in the Devon area. Commissions are always welcome and I would be glad to make that special item for that very special someone. Also if you have a wooden toy that needs renovation I would be glad to help. Check out (D. B CRAFTS) on Facebook. 

Or contact Dave Bowden. 

Mobile: 0771 3619271
Tel: 01392 217128

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D B Craft

Emily Archer

When Emily Archer sat down to create some puppets for her little boy during the pandemic little did she imagine that in 2021, just a year later she would be sending the same halfway across the world. 

EmilyArcher.Co.Uk was launched shortly after Presley and Penelope were brought to life starting a new chapter in Emily’s imagination. The pair were made from homemade paper mache and scraps of materials Emily had found indoors whilst the shops were closed to the public in the midst of the global pandemic. The paper pair captured the hearts of many online and pathed a journey into the world of collectibles, securing lots of interest before they headed to their forever home after just a few hours listed on Etsy.

Information on local exhibitions and where you can purchase Emily’s art is frequently released on both Facebook and Instagram @EmilyArcherUK.

Tel: 07311 480008

Emly Archer
Screen Shot 2021-04-04 at 17.10.09.png

Doumdims Dolls

Doumdims Dolls made by me who always love dolls. The dolls have bodies made of fabric and felt stuffed with polyester. I give them painted faces and dress them as their characters suggest. I never know what the making process has in store for me and am always surprised by the outcome. Each doll is a unique work of love and my hope is always to find them owners who will love them just as much as I do. Each doll comes with its own individual production number and certificate and a promise of my personal continuing interest in them. I am always happy to advise on cleaning and on any repairs they might need. I also accept commissions for portrait dolls based on clients personal photographs or my own drawings.

Tel: 07940 265610

Doumdims Dolls

Thimble and Doll

I'm Lisha the needle and thread behind THIMBLE & DOLL.

I have been making felt dolls in a range of skin tones for years now. Starting with family and friends as well as in the famous Camden lock market in my own little shop.  Now after starting my own family I am back with a fresh new look but the same great dolls.

Tel: 07868 635283

Peter de Wit
Grenadier Guards_Peter de WIt.png

Peter de Wit Toymaker

I make painted wooden decorative objects. The best description which seem to fit them is toys. I do not know why I make them. My inspiration is fairy tales and half forgotten memories from childhood, Hugo Pratt and Corto Maltese, Herge and Tin Tin.

Tel: 07519 187661

Natural Play
Natural Play

Natural Play

We are Natural Play UK. Our wooden toy journey started during lockdown in 2020 when we started making animals for our eldest son. Over the last couple of years these have developed into the fully UKCA tested toys we are now selling. 


We are passionate about making sustainable choices in life and try to be as eco-friendly as possible whilst creating our toys. We use responsibly sourced beech wood, which is then hand crafted & painted using non toxic water based paint before being protected with natural oils and waxes. 


We are a very new, very small, family focussed business based in Yorkshire and really hope the time & love put into the toys comes through in the finished product. Our vision is for our products to become heirloom toys - being passed from generation to generation and providing happy memories for years to come. 

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Blinkley Wood Bears

Blinkley Wood Bears

Naturally I grew up loving British wildlife, influenced by my father along with stories created by Beatrix Potter and Enid Blyton. 

With my love of British Wildlife combined with the pleasure from creating, it was a natural progression to get to where I am today designing and lovingly stitching OOAK Mohair Bears & Critters for the child we all still hold inside us.

My heart continues to maintain the dream that Woodland Critters go about their business as we do, shopping at the Oak Store in the heart of Blinkley Wood

I also believe that toys come alive at night  - don't you ?  :)

For SMS Messages: 07803 751737

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Smiffy Bears
Smiffy Bears Range

Smiffy Bears

Welcome to my world of Teddy Bears. All my bears are hand made. The patterns are my designs. They are dressed in unusual bright colours and styles. I can help you create your own bear on my one day courses or you can come and see me at the craft fairs and venues that I love. If you have a bear that is in need of repair, contact me.


Tel: 07885 075890

Bears of Bath

Bears of Bath

Bears of Bath is another creation of the City. From the earliest designs to our now well established little ‘Mousebear’ Mozart. At this point the story is about the people, the children the animals and everything that lives here. The sparrows in the gardens, the animals by the river, the cats, dogs, horses and who knows what!

Nottingham Tddy Repais
Nottingham Teddy Repairs

Teddy Repairs

I have been restoring teddy bears for 30 years and 5 years ago I opened my little shop at the beautiful location of Strelley Hall in Nottingham.

The business has grown rapidly ever since. The shop doubles as an old fashioned sweet shop, where people reminisce of the old days, talking of old toys and their favourite sweets.


I have always loved sewing and old stuff! I prefer to work with natural fabrics, the older bear fits this brief perfectly.

Ansdell Teddy

Ansdell Teddy Bear Repairs

Ansdell teddy bear repairs , I restore and repair teddy bears old and new also dolls and other soft toys, I also make memory bears and made to order one of a kind teddy bears, I also make outfits for teds and dolls.

Tel: 07794942612


Davey Bears

Davey Bears

Hi I'm Angie and I'm a former seamstress adapting my skills to rescue, repair and restore Teddies & soft toys.

I live in the heart of Cornwall where I run my small business from my home workshop. I enjoy bringing them back to life sympathetically, using traditional methods and materials, at the same time keeping their lovely character and charm intact.

When I'm not saving them, I love to make Teddy Bears for the artist market.

Tel: 01726823500


Sam's Lazy Bears

Sam's Lazy Bears

Sam’s Lazy Bears in Devon / Dorset is a Teddy Bear Shop & Repair Workshop with Teddy Bears for Sale including Antique & Vintage Teddy Bears for Sale.

Lazy Bears came about in the summer of 2015, when I came across an old Paddington Bear at a car boot sale. He needed a good clean, a new eye and a new suit.

He sold quickly in my shop, which was then an eclectic mix of antique and vintage goods, based in Lyme Regis, Dorset.

As a child I made small bears and animals for gifts and I soon started to pick up the craft again, acquiring and repairing lots of old worn bears which happily have filled my shelves and found new homes ever since.

This has given me great experience in repairing bears, from beautiful Steiffs and Merrythoughts to lovely old Chilterns and unnamed bears. Some had limbs missing, others needed new glass eyes! I’ve worked with the worst moth infested bears through to those that just needed a good clean, often from being left in a loft for many years.

I work from home in my workshop, where the bears are made welcome and cared for whilst lovingly brought back to life. They are all stored in plastic sealed bags so they remain free of any contaminants.

Tel: 07483872897


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