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Bread & Butter Fingers

Hello, my name is Mike; I design and build kinetic toys and automata. I use mainly timber but enjoy incorporating metals, fabrics, plastics and whatever else is available. My toys explore mechanical principles such as cams, cranks, levers and linkages. I base my designs on animal forms, robots, mythical animals, dinosaurs and whatever motif or theme I find myself attracted to. I began making kinetic and mechanical timber toys as part of my job as a teacher of craft design and technology, twenty seven years ago. I later expanded this into producing robust examples to entertain my own small children. I find producing mechanical toys and automata to be the perfect synthesis between craftsmanship, engineering and artistic expression.

Tel: 07546 497945

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Croglin's Toys

I have always needed to be making things, as time has gone on these get more elaborate. The toys are the commercial side of this necessity. There are many of the earlier toys in the range ( I started in 1981) ,now it also includes items that are only possible with modern computer controlled tools, and many in between: I make small and large arks using David Plagersons animals. Spinning tops with instructions. Colourful moving hanging discs. Oak baby walkers and chairs. There is also a sophisticated sculpture set, a balancing set of 5 dolphins in UK hardwoods and more. Please see the web site for pictures and descriptions.

Tel: 01768 896405


Hellion Toys

Educational and nature focused toys. Suitable from birth to 7 years. Handcrafted by Dr Hellion. Lab Certified and fully insured.


Workshop visits possible by appointment


Monday- Friday. 



5 Croft Barn

Twitter lane



Tel: 07956 899257


Jeremiah Steampotts Wooden Curiosities

Hidden away in a corner of the Lake District, Jeremiah makes beautiful toys that are a joy to hold, and inspire creative play for all ages. Specialising in Diorama pieces, it all started with the humble small tree, Since then, working closely with wooden toy enthusiasts and a local nursery, the product range is constantly growing, and has spread to Fairytale Castles, Rocks, Mountains, Bushes and an Ice Kingdom which includes the Snow Queen's Castle. It is also home to Le Arc Magique (The Magic Arch() modular system for multiple play scenes, like the Haunted House, Prospect Mountain, Dragon Castle and The Circus.

Tel: 07917 130207

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David Plagerson Noah's Arks

I trained as a painter at Camberwell School of Art. My initial inspiration came from the collection of European folk toys in the Bethnal Green Museum of Childhood where I took my recently arrived Bangladeshi students. They and I responded to the simplicity of design, strength of colour and fluidity of brushstroke decoration. I became particularly interested in the Noah\'s Ark sets reinforcing my love of hand-held objects and collections that can be arranged as a tableau.

Tel: 01803 866786


Ophelia Dolls

Hello, my name is Rachel. I make handcrafted heirloom dolls using traditional jointing methods and natural materials. Each doll is unique and comes wrapped in museum quality paper and a sturdy box. My background is in interior design though I've always favoured making things with my hands. After the birth of my children I really wanted to make them special gifts and so made the first doll as a present for our daughter which was both traditional and yet compliant with modern safety standards. Sustainability is important to me so the organic wool stuffing and doll hair has been locally sourced and is warm and naturally fire retardant. Passionate about traditional crafts and values...I am also a member of the Heritage Craft Association.

Tel: 01580 752328


Turner Handel Traditional Toys

Clare Pattinson (Turner Handel Traditional Toys) began making automata in 2011. It is the eclectic combination of skills: humour, illustration, caricature and mechanics that inspire her. With a background in ceramics, illustration and animation, it was whilst training to become a plumber, in 2009, that she began to think in a more mechanical way. She enjoys pulling items apart and examining them, and is not so worried about them breaking or not fitting back together again. In a world saturated with increasingly complex technology, these quirky mechanical toys show off their workings - springs, levers gears and cams. They creak into life and are delightful to engage with. Laughter, colour and movement are the elixir of art and life.

Tel: 01843 447452


Tom Karen

I adore children and love designing toys and games for them. I have made a great variety of them, working with different materials, always robust, offering challenge and reward. And I value feed-back. The fruit, made for Louis - one of six grandchildren - has form, colour, names, can be stacked in a variety of ways and there are fifteen pieces for arithmetical exercises. And it is very easy to make.

Tel: 01223 248382


Wendover Wood

Welcome to Wendover Wood! If you have a love of all things wooden then you have come to the right place. It is this love of wood that has led us to setup this small business based in Wendover, Buckinghamshire. We are a two man team that operates out of two garden workshops nestled between our own allotment and beautiful garden. We design and make our own range of handmade wooden animal ornaments, toys and puzzles. We also repair toys. We combine the use of old fashioned techniques and modern equipment to created beautiful gifts for all ages. We are on Facebook, Etsy and Not on the High Street, click on the links below or visit our website.

Tel: 01296 623869

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The Little Toy Dog Company

Little Toy Dogs are fine quality, heirloom toys, designed by artist and illustrator Alice Wood and made by hand in her London studio. Original patterns are created from Alice's drawings and the dogs are sewn in mohair fur, wool felt and other fabrics. Each one has cotter pin jointed legs, glass eyes, and hand dyed and embroidered details which make every dog unique. They also have their own accessories: coats, collars, rosettes and scarves. They are highly characterful small textile sculptures, intended for older children and collectors. Alice trained in pattern cutting before studying BA Illustration at Camberwell School of Art and MA Children's Book Illustration at Cambridge School of Art.



Our toys are hand crafted using only natural materials such as leather and wood. We have travelled the world to festivals selling our toys. Countries visited include: Lofton Islands, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Poland, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Faeroe Islands, United Kingdom Our reputation is second to none and we are known and respected by many in the Viking community. We teach children attending the events about the Viking tradition. They play for hours with our non technical toys, much healthier than alone with a computer game.


Taganau Tegid Toys

I am a Toymaker based in North Wales , I pride myself on using locally sourced hard woods , all our toys are cut on a scrollsaw and are hand painted by myself using non - toxic paints. I also take on commissions and do a Wooden Toy repair service.

Tel: 07815 784728


The Rocking Horse Shop

Our Rocking Horses are individually hand carved & finished in Yorkshire, England. They are available only from us, the makers, so we are able to keep our prices affordable whilst maintaining the highest standard of quality. We also supply Plans, Books, DVD's, Courses, Timber and Accessories for woodworkers of all abilities.

Tel: 01759 368737


Polly had a Dolly

Using pure natural materials, heritage craft skills and simple designs my dolls appeal to all the senses and inspire open-ended play. I love to design and make treasured, high quality dolls which will last for a lifetime of play. My dolls draw on Steiner philosophy which is used in Waldorf eduction. They have deliberately simple facial expressions to stimulate the creativity within your child, helping them to portray their feelings and emotions on to their doll and allowing them to engage in a deeper lever of play. My open eyed dolls are ideal for a daytime play companion and sleepy eyed dolls are perfect for bedtime as (according to sleep experts) they are more relaxing for your child. Of all the natural materials I use in my doll making, the British lambswool stuffing is the most important. It is the best filling for dolls as it absorbs your child's body heat making it super comforting; it has a density and weight which is reassuring; and, practically it is naturally antibacterial, eco friendly and fire-retardant. I provide full washing and care instructions with all my dolls. I care passionately about our the environment so I try to use natural materials and make dolls that will last. Each dolly comes with a dolly hospital pass where I will repair your dolly for its lifetime. All my dolls are CE marked and safe for children.

Tel: 07980576953


Stable Mates

Our wooden toys and pub games are the best of British quality craftsmanship and games will last for years and are sure to become toy box treasures. All our toys and games are handmade in our workshop in Suffolk using quality materials.We can also personalise gift from our online toyshop with a personal choice of name and colour.

Tel: 01953 681393


Rodney Peppe

Rodney Peppé is a British author and illustrator in the children's fiction and crafts genres. He is the author and illustrator of more than 80 children's books, publishing his first children's book in 1968 The Alphabet Book with Constable Young Books. His craft books teach how to build mechanical toys and automata.



We have been making wooden toys on our (very) small croft in Shetland since 1998. Our toys are inspired by everyday life here in the islands - crofting, inter-island ferries and aeroplanes. A lot of experimentation goes on in the workshop, especially with automata, and, because work is home and home is work, there is a great deal of discussion about what is possible, what is likely impossible and what could be lots of fun if only there was a way of achieving it.

Tel: 01595 859621


Love Heartwood

Love Heartwood makes wooden toys and homeware for eco conscious families. Each one is handmade by designer and woodturner Liz Pearson in harmony with nature. Each purchase supports British tree planting projects.

All Love Heartwood toys are:

• handmade from local, sustainably sourced native hardwoods

• finished using plant-based, vegan friendly wood stains and sealant

• personalisable and customisable

• presented and shipped in 100% plastic free, recycled & recyclable packaging

Liz also takes commissions and offers beginner’s woodturning sessions and a wooden toy repair service.

Tel: 07897 998586


Robert Race

I have been a full time maker for over thirty years and my work has covered a wide range, from dolls’ houses and moving toys for children and adults to automata, kinetic sculpture and exhibition design. I try to make things which move in simple but interesting ways: Traditional moving toys have influenced me strongly, and I have travelled in Europe, Indonesia, Mexico, India and Japan in search of them. My work incorporates a wide range of natural, reused and recycled materials. Recently they include driftwood, which I like using firstly because collecting it involves business trips to the seaside, and secondly because its previous uses often still haunt it, and its time at sea builds its character.

Tel: 01225 863724

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Muttley the Toymaker

My name is Mark Uttley and I trade as Muttley the Toymaker. I have been making toys for the last 28 years. Toymaking by my own definition is a license to exaggerate the silliness and quirkiness of life which appeals to everyone who is child at heart. I work in toys because I love the fun, the colour and the movement it gives. My influences are many and varied from everyday events to nursery rhymes, in fact anything with humour in it. I work principally in wood but will use a variety of other materials, such as glass beads, wire and easily worked metals. I especially enjoy making automata which provide a magical event to the turner of the handle.

Tel: 01785 600732


Mayflower Miniatures

John Alden, cooper on the Mayflower in 1621, maker of toys and automata in Sussex in 2020. My varied artistic career has included miniature painter, cartoonist, antique dealer, dolls house restorer and maker of dolls house furnishings. I worked with the Singing Tree from the early 1970's and then discovered automata at West Dean college in 2005. Tutored by Robert Race and inspired by the toys of Yootha Rose, both past chairs of BTG I try to bring originality to my creations.

Tel: 07731 500630

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Dr Zigs

Dr Zigs Giant Bubbles are environmentally conscious and ethically sound. A full six years of research have gone into every bubble! Our bubbles are perfect for making friends, having fun, and building confidence. Dr Zigs giant bubbles and kits are helping to change the world one bubble at a time.

Tel: 01248 511395

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D B Crafts

I live in Exeter and I have been making toys for over 20 years. Like my father who was always making toys for myself and my three brothers, I was interested in carrying on the tradition. My aim is to keep the art of traditional toy making alive. All my toys are made to British toymakers safety standards. I have recently produced items for local churches in the Devon area. Commissions are always welcome and I would be glad to make that special item for that very special someone. Also if you have a wooden toy that needs renovation I would be glad to help. Check out (D. B CRAFTS) on Facebook. 

Or contact Dave Bowden. 

Mobile: 0771 3619271
Tel: 01392 217128

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Emily Archer

When Emily Archer sat down to create some puppets for her little boy during the pandemic little did she imagine that in 2021, just a year later she would be sending the same halfway across the world. 

EmilyArcher.Co.Uk was launched shortly after Presley and Penelope were brought to life starting a new chapter in Emily’s imagination. The pair were made from homemade paper mache and scraps of materials Emily had found indoors whilst the shops were closed to the public in the midst of the global pandemic. The paper pair captured the hearts of many online and pathed a journey into the world of collectibles, securing lots of interest before they headed to their forever home after just a few hours listed on Etsy.

Information on local exhibitions and where you can purchase Emily’s art is frequently released on both Facebook and Instagram @EmilyArcherUK.

Tel: 07311 480008

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Doumdims Dolls

Doumdims Dolls made by me who always love dolls. The dolls have bodies made of fabric and felt stuffed with polyester. I give them painted faces and dress them as their characters suggest. I never know what the making process has in store for me and am always surprised by the outcome. Each doll is a unique work of love and my hope is always to find them owners who will love them just as much as I do. Each doll comes with its own individual production number and certificate and a promise of my personal continuing interest in them. I am always happy to advise on cleaning and on any repairs they might need. I also accept commissions for portrait dolls based on clients personal photographs or my own drawings.

Tel: 07940 265610


Thimble and Doll

I'm Lisha the needle and thread behind THIMBLE & DOLL.

I have been making felt dolls in a range of skin tones for years now. Starting with family and friends as well as in the famous Camden lock market in my own little shop.  Now after starting my own family I am back with a fresh new look but the same great dolls.

Tel: 07868 635283