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About Us

The British Toymakers Guild was founded in 1956 by a group of toy maker enthusiasts in the London area. Today the Guild is run by craft toymakers for craft toymakers. The Committee and management are all working craftspeople and are therefore fully aware of all the requirements of its members. By joining the British Toymakers Guild you will be joining a group of craftspeople who are proud to display the Guild logo on the toys they make, and from a commercial viewpoint are increasingly sought after as makers of some of the best toys currently available.

The Guild has always insisted that its members’ work meets its criteria of quality. This means that it has remained a select body, with a reputation amongst the buying public as the representative organisation for the creators of well-designed and wellmade toys, gifts and miniatures.

Guarantee of Quality

The Guilds name does not mean that it is solely concerned with toys for children. The strength of the Guild is that it represents equally the interests of craftspeople who make all manner of hand-crafted toys, gifts, miniatures, automata and collectors’ items.

All Encompassing

National Recognition

The British Toymakers Guild is recognised at Government and professional level by amongst others the Department of Trade and Industry, British Standards Institute and the British Toy and Hobby Association. It also maintains contact with the Bethnal Green Museum of Childhood as well as a number of other guilds and similar organisations.

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