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Meet Emily Archer the Doll Maker

1.What first drew you to toy making?

Toy making naturally evolved in my life during the global pandemic of 2020. Myself and my little boy Morgan were homeschooling at the time and each looking for fun and engaging ways to escape the reality of being trapped indoor. With the world closed off outside of the door we were forced to utilise the tools and limited material we stored inside. Despite the toilet roll rationing, together we pulled out the bag two dollies made entirely from recyclables and scraps we’d collected on our social distancing walks. Never could I have dreamt the next part….

2. What's your favourite toy or part of a toy to make?

I absolutely love character development and finding the fitting story of each little person I make. Whilst quite similar in aesthetics, each doll I create has a very big and individual personality of their own. Their facial features, clothes and accessories help to shape the tale surrounding the magical way in which each fairy landed in my lap.

3. What does your typical day look like?

A typical day for me starts the very moment I open my eyes; scouring social media for inspiration for my next best idea. It’s very rarely another piece of art that captures my imagination and quite usually something as simple as a wandering snail or a spiders web full of morning dew.

Each day usually begins with printing my greetings cards though and fulfilling my illustration orders so that then on after I can explore the depths of my mind and wandering thoughts. Nothing I do is ever planned, no forecasts or boards of ideas…. Just straight to the workshop and hands on the deck!

4. What's your best seller?

I sell lots and lots of teacups, designed and printed with a full canvas of my everyday dollies. A perfect gift or treat to yourself to enjoy a hot cup of tea but equally your favourite mug bake or to keep safe all of your favourite trinkets. Personally I use mine to aid my fairy catching but I know of others that store pens and others that use as a plant pot too!

5. What was your favourite toy as a kid?

As a child, and an adult that never really grew up I still favour a traditional board game. One that’s grubby, with the box sellotaped together and that rattles when you play. We have a tradition in our house that Morgan receives one of these beautiful monstrosities every year for his birthday. This years eBay purchase was an original 1960’s mousetrap. it’s faded, super-glued in places and of course has mice with missing tails. A full 45 minutes it took to set it up, around 8 seconds to play….But, you can’t beat the enjoyment of that final trap!

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Brilliant story Emily, your success is well deserved especially for all your hard work through difficult times. well done!

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