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Jackie Smith


Jackie Smith, the esteemed patron of the British Toymakers Guild, brings a rich tapestry of experience and passion to her role. Educated in the Midlands, Jackie completed a four-year Honours Degree in Fine Art, followed by a year of postgraduate specialist teaching, earning a Distinction. Her diverse career includes an impressive twenty-nine years as a Police Officer, during which she investigated major and serious crimes and served as an Antique Liaison Officer for the force. Despite her distinguished career in law enforcement, Jackie's first love has always been the arts and crafts, particularly teddy bears.


Now retired, she fully embraces her passion for bear making, which began as a response to the declining charm of newer bears and the high cost of antiques. Over twenty years, she has honed her craft and takes pride in contributing to the bear world.


As a patron of BTG, Jackie plays a crucial role in promoting the guild through various channels, including word of mouth, social media, and other outreach efforts. Her dedication to spreading awareness about the guild is invaluable, significantly aiding its growth and success.

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