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The British Toy Makers Guild has a Facebook page, where members can put up events, product photos and any interesting activities you may be involved in.

Facebook is free and easy to use and once you get started it can become a little addictive.  It is an excellent way of getting our members in front of lots of people who are interested in British made toys. Click on the Facebook logo below or the one at the top of the page of the website.


How to join Facebook and start talking on our page:

Firstly you need a Facebook account, to do this go to where you will be  asked to "sign up" do this using your own personal details.  Once you have opened an account you can then search for British Toymakers Guild, or click the link above.  Have a good look at our page and see how other members use it.  You can comment as yourself, or you can set up a page for your company and comment via that page.  Put up as many photos as possible, people love to see what you are making. 

If Facebook is not for you then e-mail Alison at with details of events you are attending and a selection of photos and she will put them up for you, but try and have a go first.  Remember the difference between Facebook and your Membership area on this website is that Facebook can be seen by anyone .... that's a lot of potential customers for you out there.

The more likes we receive on our FB page, the more people around the world get to see our beautiful products.  Have Fun!!

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